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Houthoff Buruma is one of the leading law firms in the Netherlands and it has developed to a strong international organization. Houthoff emphasizes the importance of going the extra mile for its clients as its brand promise “Going Beyond” expresses. Their help has been of great importance for the Leiden University team at the Willem C. Vis Moot for many years and the team of 2018 is excited for the cooperation to continue. From the firm, Marielle Koppenol-Laforce, Thomas Stouten, Matthew Brown and Alexander Rogers offer their invaluable help in coaching the Leiden team.

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Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands and is widely held as one of Europe’s leading research universities. Its law school, in particular, often places high in international rankings. The law school has strong international roots and has not only focused on research, but also helped train many generations of legal professionals.

Leiden University has had a team participate in the Willem C. Vis Moot for almost ten years and its cooperation with Houthoff has proved to be a very effective arrangement. The university’s support for the team has been an integral part of the team’s participation in the moot and will hopefully lead to success in the moot of 2018.

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Curemonte Legal, founded in 2012 by Paul Elion LLM, JD, is the premier Legal and Compliance partner for managing directors, executive boards and shareholders of medium-sized and large corporations. The company provides legal and compliance support regarding national, international and cross-border projects, transactions, and disputes.

Curemonte Legal offers a wide spectrum of services. The firm help their clients grow their business organically or through acquisitions in a profitable and compliant way. They assist overseas companies expanding into Europe and support companies on business critical missions. Last but not least, as strategic board room counselor they advise and support the board of directors and senior leadership team(s) of businesses facing crisis situations or severe fraud and integrity challenges. If this is what your company is looking for, Curemonte Legal is there to help you. For further information, contact them through their website.

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The RvA has a leading position in the resolution of construction disputes in the Netherlands due to its expertise. Its arbitrators and employees strive to improve the RvA’s service. The unique combination of technical and legal expertise the RvA possesses on construction ensures that construction disputes are resolved quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

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Hengeveld Advocaten is a law firm in Amsterdam established in 2004 with a small team of dedicated and creative lawyers with an aim to give clients a personal and honest approach to their cases. The law firm is specialized, among others, in labor law, contract law and in intellectual property.


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